eDrum Splitter Cables

Shop for "Y-cables" (splitters) specifically made for Roland, Yamaha, Pearl Mimic, Alesis, 2Box DrumIt, eDRUMin and Simmons electronic drum modules to expand the number of drum pads beyond the number of pads that are directly supported by the drum module.

The purpose of this cable is to split the original stereo cable of dual-zone drum pad with "head/rim" zones (e.g. Tom or Snare on supported drum modules) into two separate cables that allow you to connect one original drum pad (which will become single-zone pad with "head" zone) along with one additional single-zone drum pad like Tom 4, Tom 5 or cow bell.


Q: What are the differences between Y-cables and Y-splitters?

A: Both Y-cables and Y-splitters have the same purpose - to split the drum pad inputs so you can add additional drum pads.

Y-cables (e.g. Y-CAB-H2 or Y-CAB-J1) are suitable in situations when you want to split one dual-zone pad into two single-zone pads that are close to each other on your drum rack. The Y-cable acts as a Y-splitter with audio cables that can be directly plugged into the drum pads, so you don't have to use additional extension audio cables. Also, Y-cables are great choice for the drum modules with cable snake cables like TD-9, TD-11, TD-15 and TD-17;

Y-splitters (e.g. Y-SPT-M2FF) are shorter and are great choice when you want to split the drum inputs straight at the drum module. Then you just need a couple of mono 1/4" male-male audio cables to connect the Y-splitter with your drum pads. In this case, the drum pads connected to one Y-splitter can be farther apart. These Y-splitters are perfect for the drum modules that provide individual input connectors for drum pads like TD-11 (Crash2), TD-12 (all inputs), TD-15 (Crash2, AUX), TD-17 (Crash2, AUX), TD-20 (all inputs) and TD-30 (all inputs);


Q: What are known limitations of these Y-cables?

A: When these Y-cables are used with Crash pads, the "choking" feature is disabled. Also, when the two pads connected to the same Y-cable are played at the same time, the drum module will choose only one sound.


Q: Is it true that these Y-cables do not work with Roland TD-25 drum modules?

A: Unfortunately, our Y-cables and Y-splitters are NOT compatible with Roland TD-25 drum module, not due to the hardware issue but rather due to certain limitations related to the TD-25 module firmware and user interface that doesn't allow users to select the sounds for HEAD and RIM zones independently. However, this limitation may be fixed in the future TD-25 firmware updates, if Roland decides to allow this feature.

Please visit VDrums Forum for more details.


Q: Am I out of luck with older Roland drum modules like TD-3, TD-4 or TD-10?

A: Well, on these older drum modules, the only pad input that can be split using our Y-cables is the snare input. But then you will lose the cross stick sound.


Q: How about Roland TD-5 and TD-7 drum modules?

A: Unfortunately, no inputs can be split with our Y-splitters.